New Carlisle Wesleyan Church

New Carlisle Wesleyan Church exists to magnify God: through Christ in every area of life: lead the spiritual lost to God, and to equip them for Christ’s ministry of love in our world, in our community and in our church.

NCWC will focus on serving its members and continue to differentiate itself from other churches by:

 "Reaching Out and Raising Up!"

Our life’s challenge is to have services and messages that relate every day life and common life challenges that we all face to the Bible and how Jesus might approach them. We intend to pull people together to grow spiritually, to look deeper into the Lord’s Word while leading non-believers to seek salvation in Jesus Christ.

We envision a church reaching out to the spiritually lost and raising up fully committed believers in Christ.

Reaching All Generations
With burning zeal, we will effectively communicate a relevant, uncompromised, biblical message to every unique generation.

Nurturing Spiritual Growth
Through vibrant Bible study, worship and prayer, we will create a contagious environment for learning, growing and becoming more like Christ.

Gathering in Groups
Our family will grow when every unconnected person is a fully-devoted follower of Jesus Christ and is connected in authentic relationships.

Encouraging Effective Ministry
We will design and continually improve our infrastructure to facilitate ministry and celebrate innovation, passion and excellence in every expression of our radical devotion to Jesus Christ.

Equipping the Church
We will enthusiastically give our resources, experience and giftedness to train and encourage those who are fully committed to making disciples.

Growth Strategy
NCWC will continue to maintain its core values. We will work to make the surrounding community aware of what we offer…hope to normal every day people. Jesus loves them the way they are right now…they do not have to change to come to Church, they come to Church to change